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Who Are We
Tamraty AlMomayazah

Tamraty AlMomayazah has been a leading Saudi company in the world of dates since 2009. The company's products are manufactured and marketed inside and outside the Kingdom under the distinguished company brand "Tamraty AlMomayazah".

Due to the nutritional importance of dates and its proven benefits in people's general health, we always care out of our experience and specialization in the date market to carefully select the most refined and luxurious dates from the best natural and environmentally reliable date palm farms, then directly in our warehouses equipped to store products at the required cold temperature.

From here, the journey of distributing dates to our branches begins after going through a phase of rigorous quality control and screening standards to satisfy the taste of our customers. We also work on innovating and developing our products and presenting them in a distinctive and elegant way through our factory in Jeddah, under the supervision of specialists interested in the safety and nutritional health in this field, starting from the quality of the service in accordance with the needs of our customers and their requirements , which made them trust our products in the first place.

Upon visiting any of our branches, you will notice the difference in quality, creativity, innovation and how distinct our dates are.

If it had not been for God's blessings, followed by the trust of our customers, we would not have achieved this success and continuity.

Our Objectives

  • Customer satisfaction and maintain them.
  • The company should be a model of reference due to its outstanding quality and the diversity of its products.
  • Excellence in providing dates of all kinds.
  • Achieve the sustainable growth for our stakeholders.

  • Our Vision

  • Shift to globalization through our partners with whom we share the same thoughts and vision.
  • Establish a cooperation between date producers and agencies for the purpose of creating innovation in the field of the company's product development.
  • Spread awareness and introduce dates and the benefits of preserving them as an important food component.
  • Highlighting the company's pioneering role in pushing the path of creativity and innovation towards the field of development of dates at the local, regional and international level.

  • Our Values

  • Development
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
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